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I've also had a bad experience with Direct Buy Warranty. Since it happened, I've found out a lot which I wish that someone had told me before I bought from them. So, the least I can do is share what I've learned in the hope that it helps someone else.

Here are some problems with Direct Buy Warranty's contracts:

"¢ Section VII of their contract, under Mediation, limits Direct Buy Warranty's losses in a mediation dispute to $1500. So, even if you deserve more in such a dispute, the most you'll get from them is $1500.

"¢ Under Section VIII Part A, the contract states that if a claim is made before the expiration of the 30 day/50 mile validation period, it will be denied as pre-existing. If a customer then cancels, $250 will be deducted from the refund, even if 30 days has not expired. Are you kidding me?

"¢ Under Section VIII Part B, the contract states, "If You cancel this contract after the first thirty days or anytime after a claim has been filed on your VSC [vehicle service contract], WE will refund an amount of the contract price according to the pro-rata method which reflects the greater of the days in force or the miles driven based on the term of the contract selected and the date contract began, less fifty percent of the total amount paid in by You and any claims authorized or paid on the contract by Direct Buy Warranty where applicable by law [emphasis added].

"¢ In the same Section and Part, the contract states, "In the event that the dollar amount of claim/claims paid for Your vehicle exceed the amount of Your refund (less fees), You will be responsible to reimburse the administrator." That means that YOU have to pay THEM if you cancel and what you've paid is less than what they've paid in any claims! No one else does that.

"¢ Direct Buy Warranty is selling in all 50 states, claims that they are insured, but their contracts give no evidence of carrying insurance. So, if they go out of business, good luck "" all you've got is a piece of paper.

"¢ That the terms of Direct Buy Warranty's contracts are extraordinarily advantageous to Direct Buy Warranty at the expense of the consumer is evident. In addition, using publicly-available internet tools, I've learned that all of Direct Buy Warranty's business addresses are actually UPS Stores! Their website lists their "European HQ" as:EU Holdings;Beletti Management Ltd.Continental Risk Management CRMLordou Vyronos 33Flat/Office 51Larnaca P.C. 6023CyprusThis same location houses a *** production company "" unbelievable but true. Given what resides at their other addresses, there is strong evidence that Direct Buy Warranty is based outside of the United States "" that is not a good thing. In a consumer complaint filed online, the customer notes that his credit card charged was processed in a foreign country." According to another complaint online, a Direct Buy Warranty agent explained by saying that they are a "global company."

Who is making sure that Direct Buy Warranty is abiding by all applicable laws, especially if they aren't an American company?

If you've been scammed by Direct Buy Warranty like I have, then do what I did: Go to your state's insurance commission. My state is looking into right now, and will probably find out what I already did the hard way, which is that they really aren't a legitimate operation. Here's a link to find your state's insurance commission Obviously, if you haven't bought yet from Direct Buy Warranty "" then DON'T "" STAY AWAY!

Review about: Direct Buy Warranty Warranty.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

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Harrison, Arkansas, United States #736527

Well we got the attorney general on them and we got half our money back, but STAY away from this bogus company.The biggest scam I have seen and to think I was *** enough to fall for it.

If you have all ready given them your money contact the attorney general in your state and they can help you.

Otherwise please stay away from these scumbags!:(


Amazing about this company.I was quating this morning the salesman Jack harper wants to know my credit card number immediately to give me10% additional discount.

The company sounds like fraud. I told him my e-mail address to research more about this company.

The complaining is all over the internet.Thanks to you guy.I won't purchase warranty from this co.


Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States #696160

Direct Buy is the biggest scam I have ever seen!a resistor on the blower of AC went out, and even though they didn't list it as excluded, it wasn't listed specifically as covered, and denied it.

Cancelled 08/08/13.Turning them in to BBB

Rancho Cucamonga, California, United States #647535

Bunch of lying bastards.Don't waste you money or time with these scanners at Direct Buy Warranty.

Lip service galore.Scammers!!!!

Harrison, Arkansas, United States #601949

All I can say is stay FAR, FAR AWAY !!!We needed ball joints and U Joints, they said it was normal wear and tear.

Under section H it listed everything our truck needed and ( and supposedly covered) it said nothing about normal wear and tear. I contacted the :( Attorney General in AR so they are trying to get our money back. If that fails I'm going thru the Attorney General of New Jersey.

I really think all of us should get a class action law suit started.Let's don't just roll over and play dead Let's Fight!


They told me the front end busting apart was "normal wear & tear" and was not covered, excuse me? Bottom line: STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!!


Direct Buy Warranty is a complete scam.This company baits you into purchasing their contract via phone, and of course, everthing in writing doesn't support what was claimed.

I have had this contract for 1 year now. Today, my water pump wasn't covered on a 2003 BMW although it is leaking antifreeze and I have to keep putting more in. It wasn't covered because "it hasn't completely failed and is only leaking." However, if I don't make the repair out of pocket, then anything related to that water pump, such as my engine blowing is not covered. That is completely a conflict.

Either it hasn't failed, or I need to replace it. Thing is, I "need to replace it," but it isn't going to be covered by direct buy, although in the same token, they're informing me that it needs to be replaced or nothing else will be covered. I contacted Direct Buy and acted as a new contract purchaser. They tell you over the phone, bumper-to-bumper coverage for the platinum elite which I have and I explained the same exact scenario to the sales rep.

Low and behold he said of course that would be covered regardless if it's only leaking. Also, sold me on the idea that they cover all shop rates regardless of which shop you go too. However, that's not true either, they only cover the going national rate which is about $65/hr. I purchased elite because of having a BMW and wanting premium coverage.

This company is a complete scam, says things over the phone that contradicts your...

The closer you get to maxing out coverage, the more difficult it gets to get any type of assistance.

This company needs legal action taken against them as they definitely are aware of their tactics. Try calling a sales rep and see what they say. At any case, I would like all of my out of pocket expenses covered to include this claim.

I would like my contract price to be refunded (pro-rated time) and never again deal with this company.

Buyers beware and look up all of the reviews on this company before any purchase.Unfortunately, I didn't.

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I have had Direct Buy Warranty for 9 months.My first claim was for an a/c control module and they paid half of the part cost without any coverage for diagnostics or programming.

My recent claim for a transfer case actuator module was denied because they said the shop told them the part was 'failing'. The mechanic contacted Direct Buy and explained the codes on his diagnosis showed the part had failed.

Direct Buy denied the claim because anyway and refused to send an adjuster.I have notified the fraud division of the attorney general's office in my state and I recommend everyone else do the same.


Direct Buy is complete garbage. Purchased their top end product for a 2006 Porsche Cayenne S. First claim was on a simple tire rod. Well they covered just over $161.00 of a nearly $400.00 bill. Didn't cover the alignment (necessary after a tire rod replacement) only covered a portion of the labor, and diagnosis / inspection they don't cover at all.

I even called to ask one of their reps if an alignment was covered if needed as the result of a repair and they said "YES".....they never paid for it.

And get this, turns out the rack needed fixed as well. It was causing a bad noise every time a bump was hit and according to a certified mechanic "needs to be replaced". Guess what...not covered. According to their agent they only cover parts that have completely failed and as long as the car is driveable they won't cover it. Here I thought I was being responsible and taking care of an issue before it escalated but no, flat out denied.

ON TOP OF THAT they told me that since I'm now aware of the problem they won't cover it when it does completely fail! What kind of BS is that? Am I supposed to play ignorant? I can just see this hypothetical scenario happening:

Me: "Yea my motor blew. I have all maintenance records, service, etc., all up to date and the car was pampered. Even sung a song to it every night so it felt like part of the family."

DB: "Are you aware the motor blew?"

Me: "Um yea, it exploded into a...

DB: "Well we don't cover issues you're aware of so claim denied."

Me: "Da Fuq?"

Seriously to anyone considering a Direct Buy warranty under no circumstances purchase one. Even on high end, documented, religiously serviced luxury car they will not cover you!

I was able to cancel and get most of my money back, but they still made a couple hundred off me. To any Direct Buy goons out there, don't belive it? VSC#958XXX and look up the car model.

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Please read my story and share your on my web site dedicated to exposing these guys.Google directbuywarranty-willnotpay and you will find my web site.

I was also ripped off by these guys.

They used the section J excuse. There is a technical service bulletin on that issue. Well, there happens to be a technical service bulletin for virtually anything that can go wrong with any modern vehicle. So with that phrase they essentially say they won't fix anything.

Also do not belive a single word they say on the phone - period.They will say anything as they know they can't be held to it.

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