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I purchased my extended warranty Direct Buy Auto Warranty in August 2012. I took my car in November 2012 to an authorized dealer for routine maintenance.

They denied my claim based on a pre-existing condition when I just took my car in for routine maintenance and they discovered some issues with control arms and bushings (part of suspension or wheels and tires or whatever). In any case, they were horrible to deal with, didn't have record of receiving my down payment so put my effective date at October 8 when it really should have been September 8. I submitted my bank statement to show that I had paid the down payment and that my effective date should be September 8 and I have not heard from anyone. I have called, sent emails and left messages to no avail.

I am still within my cancellation period but I am wondering if the "Money back guarantee" is just another scam based on the reviews I have read on this site. It doesn't appear that they approve any claims outside of the BS reviews that are on their site which are the same ones that they keep posting on forums like this to try and battle the negative word of mouth that is out there about their horrible service/company. Direct Buy Auto Warranty is a huge scam.

Do not buy and do your research - I wish I had researched before I signed on with them. HUGE disappointment and waste of time and money.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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