I believe Direct Buy Auto Warranty company is a scam. I purchased a warranty from them for 5 years/ 100,000 miles, bumper to bumper.

I submitted a claim which I was told on the phone was covered under my policy. When I get to the mechanic's shop, I find that Direct Buy has denied this claim...due to a clause in my contract which states: " Any service that the manufacturer recommends...persuant to a service bulletin that applies to your vehicle is not covered." Well guess what, there are 36 of these bulletins for my vehicle, including the powertrain. Which means, I was paying Direct Buy for absolutely zero coverage. Additionally, each time I spoke to a representative on the phone, each and every one of the young men were quite RUDE.

They continuously cut me off and spoke over me. They were very arrogant and loud. It was as it they have been trained for combat, even for simple questions for clarity. They are the worse case of customer service I have seen in quite a while, not to mention that it seems to me that they have no plans of actually covering a major expense for your vehicle.

Also, they sent a verification form for my credit card and bank account.

And although my husband did not send it back, they are withdrawing money from our account anyway. DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY!!

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On Monday, I took my 2002 Chrysler Town and Country van to *** Myers Chrysler for repairs. My van needed front brake pads and rotor service, sway bar bushings and stabilizer bar, and the ignition key cylinder replaced, in addition to some other repair work.

The dealer service advisor called Direct Buy Warranty for authorization of repairs and was told that all of the above items would be covered by my service contract!

The advisor was told that she would receive a return call with claim authorization and payment information. Direct Buy Warranty offers such great service and coverage on repairs


These people are incredible! I had requested a quote on a 2004 vehicle I recently purchased for my son. A “Senior Underwriter” proceeded to call me and gave me a quote that sounded like it was a pretty good deal. He pressured me to give him my credit card at that moment. He said even if I signed up, I had 30 days to cancel for a refund. I told him I would not do anything until he sent me information, and I had a chance to review it.

That evening, I researched this company. The complaints on the internet are a mile long and they have an ‘F’ rating by the BBB Better Business Bureau. So therefore, I would not do business with them.

The next day I receive a call from this Underwriter and he wanted to close on the warranty. I told him I would not, since the write-ups on the internet are so poor. He then took vicious attacks at me and then proceeded to accuse me of trying to scam his company with a “dirty” car. I assume this means one with lots of existing problems. Interesting, since I am the person who decided against potentially doing business with them. He said he would “blackball” my vehicle so I could not get a warranty anywhere.

Shortly thereafter as I was locating their company phone number to lodge a complaint, another “Senior Underwriter” called me. He said he over heard the conversation and wanted to find out what the problem was. He said they would put this first guy back in additional training classes. I questioned both of them having the same title.

While this person showed initial empathy to my problem with Chris, he then tried to close me 2 times. He tried to make me an even better deal, but I told him I would not do anything for several days; but I did grant him the opportunity to call me at that time. He then tried to close me once more, questioning me on why I would not sign up now for a 6 year program. I told him that he is not a very good listener.

They are incredible, stay away!

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